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The choice in accessories kits with look-alike polyester sets is seemingly endless. However, customers rarely like to choose within the low end. That's why we've developed a homogeneous line of unique accessories kits, with clearly differentiated quality levels that help you easily upgrade customers to the higher-end products. In their sophisticated eye-catching packaging, specially designed for easy table-top display or on its adapted steel display, these attractively priced kits only offer quality products that bring value to the end-user, products that bring value to the retailer.

And that's exactly what our Aramith®-brand has always been recognised for.
ARAMITH PRO CUP 57,2 mm Kit:
Balls and related items

* 1 Super Aramith® PRO-CUP pool set (including the famous 6 red dots cue ball)
* 1 Jim Rempe learning cue ball + manual
* 1 wooden triangle ball rack
* 1 wooden 9-ball rack
* 1 bottle of Aramith® Ball Cleaner
* 1 Aramith® Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Cues and related items

* 4 top quality two-piece pool cues
* 1 two-piece bridge stick
* 1 brass bridge head
* 1 wooden six-cue rack
* 1 Deluxe cue repair kit
* 6 Aramith® chalks

Other Accessories

* 1 10 1/2 horse hair table brush
* 1 under rail brush
* 1 leather tally shaker bottle
* 1 set of wooden tally balls
* 1 official rule book

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